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N4,000 Annually
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N8,000 Annually
[Standard site with low traffic]


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N20,000 Annually
[Standard site with high traffic]


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N32,000 Annually
[Blogs and very high traffic sites]


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N50,000 Annually
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Victor Adanu

Head of ICT amaecom

“Wegohost is an amazing platform, with reliable servers that power all needs of amaecom Group.”

Samson Irabor

Web developer

“My web mails always gave me issues, but since i switched to wegohost it's been an awesome experience.”

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29 April, 2022

Shared Hosting from WeGoHost

Our shared hosting platform features maximum protection for your websites. A ZFS storage will keep your web site contents resistant to data corruption and the built–in ModSecurity firewall will help you evade hacker attacks. We use data compression to make your websites work quicker than ever before.

06 May, 2022

We are Dependable

We offer dependable shared hosting solutions with plenty of disk storage space & monthly traffic. Each of our cloud web hosting packages has been carefully configured to offer the maximum number of features for its price. In addition, each cloud hosting account is automatically backed up.